Building tech-enabled communities centered around service​

We’re setting a new standard of care where seniors are seen, heard, and empowered by leveraging data and insights to genuinely improve the senior care experience.

The Next Era of Medicare

Our Mission

A complete, connected, and compassionate service for seniors

Our dramatically aging population is being overlooked. We’re challenging anybody who plays a role in an aging person’s life to rethink what care is, how it gets delivered, who is part of that care team, and how to measure success.

Centered Care is raising the standard for senior care by building tech-enabled communities centered around a complete, connected, and compassionate service to senior patients.

Who we empower

Senior housing, healthcare, and technology all operate in separate worlds. We connect these worlds by harnessing the value of data and technology to empower:

To achieve better senior outcomes, all of us need to work together intelligently and compassionately. With a data-driven approach, we’ll be less reactive to the senior situation and use technology to revolutionize the way seniors are cared for.