A compassionate, groundbreaking service for seniors

Centered Care brings compassionate service and leading-edge technology together to better facilitate value-based care and improve the quality of life for senior patients.

A complete care journey that puts seniors at the center

The delivery and cost of healthcare should be easier to achieve. Harnessing the value of data and technology, Centered Care transcends beyond the traditional and fragmented clinical care model to support a radically underserved population.

Our clinical model includes a healthcare data platform with patient 360 capabilities, cloud-enabled predictive care, and value-based care practices. With this groundbreaking approach, we’re making the senior care journey more participatory, efficient, and patient-centric.

A tech-enabled senior care platform

Powered by the Centered Care Connect Platform, you’ll put data into practice to create happier, healthier communities.

Integrated Patient Information

Connect and organize patient information from any clinical or non-clinical data source into a longitudinal digital health record.

Patient 360 View

Use a patient 360 dashboard, accessible to both providers and patients, to build a comprehensive plan tailored to individual needs.

Curated Data Analytics

Leverage AI and predictive analytics to gain actionable insights for patients, providers, senior living operators, and payors.

A data-driven clinical care model

What matters most to our clinical care team is providing care where seniors have more power over their life plan, so they can live and pass with dignity.

We are a group of mission-driven, data-driven individuals who strive to go above and beyond to support our teams, communities, and patients. Our approach is based on a comprehensive evidence-based methodology and standardized clinical treatment protocols.

Every community supported by Centered Care is assigned a multidisciplinary clinical team that serves its residents. The team is comprised of a medical director, nurse practitioners, as well as additional healthcare professionals and support staff.

Exceptional care powered by innovative technology

There’s no reason for seniors to be left behind. By leveraging technology and data as part of the continuum of care, we all work together to drive the cost of care down, make care more accessible and personalized, and improve outcomes.

We are committed to providing holistic, personalized, concierge-like care to our patients.

Because our tech-enabled clinical model includes access to predictive analytics, we are better able to identify and support high-risk patients and proactively manage challenging medical conditions.

As a personalized medical practice, we’re delivering coordinated patient-centered care, tailored towards the communities we serve.

  • Full-service, personalized, medical practice
  • Holistic assessment and coordination of care
  • Urgent care
  • 24/7 patient support line
  • Proactive disease management
  • Visits are frequent, not rushed, personalized
  • Promotion of health and wellness
  • Goal setting and creation of a life-plan

We want our patients to be able to quickly and easily access our providers before a question becomes a problem.

As part of our proactive approach, we strive to meet our patients in the location that is most convenient for them and their loved ones. We can do visits either at our centrally located and easily accessed clinic or in the home if needed.

Our providers spend more time with their patients. We know our patients as individuals—we know their challenges, goals, and preferences. A strong relationship leads to better care and it will assist and empower our patients to live their best, healthiest lives.

  • Centrally located clinic within the community campus
  • Comfortable and convenient clinic design
  • In-home consultations as needed
  • Telemedicine care, virtual consults, family participation in visits
  • Point-of-Care testing, screening, and monitoring

Instead of simply treating ailments as they arise, we provide proactive, high-quality, cost-efficient care and emphasize prevention and preemptive disease management. Our preventative approach is designed to provide more value and decrease medical spending for:

  • Patients (and their representatives)
  • Providers
  • Payors
  • Senior living operators

Patients are less likely to get an incorrect diagnosis or undergo unnecessary tests and procedures, which decreases costs and stress. Providers, payors, and senior housing operators all see a reduction in costs and increases in patient satisfaction and well-being.