Let’s raise the standard for senior care

Centered Care is improving the quality of life for millions of seniors in the U.S. by providing a data-driven clinical model focused on prevention and proactive care.

Our Vision

Revolutionizing senior care with compassion

There are 65 million seniors in the U.S. and this population is growing at a rate of 10,000 per day. In our existing broken healthcare system, there is no plan for senior care at this scale. But, we have a plan at Centered Care.

We’re revolutionizing the typical journey of care into one that is more centered around the patient, more connected, more informed, and more engaging.

Take better care of seniors by putting data into practice

Immediate access to high-quality, value-based care should be the standard for every senior. We combine compassionate service with leading-edge technology to positively impact outcomes for seniors.

Health and choice for seniors and communities

We empower senior patients and their representatives by giving them more choice and better care. We empower providers, senior living operators, and payors by giving them more insights and better solutions for connected and engaging with their patients and members.